The pseudonym is a pun on Michael Caine’s name, obviously. A knighted robber impersonator (put parentheses as you see fit), nobody else can be a better description of how Britain does things. Pronounce it as [mʲɪxɐˈil ˈkaɪn]. I chose to transliterate it from Cyrillic to Latin using the letter «x» instead of the more commonly used digraph «kh» because the latter is ugly.

Michael (Μιχαήλ) is the archangel in Orthodox Christianity who leads the Heavenly Hosts against Satan. The Ortodoxy is the manifest of the Russian centuries-old dream and destiny — to reclaim Constantinople, to gain access to the warm seas, to be of the same standing with Britain and France. A dream that will never be fulfilled after the tragedy of 1917.

Cain (Κάïν) was cursed to wander the earth after killing Abel in envy. Red Russians lost their home too after similarly killing White Russians. And no Russian living today descends from the Whites. What is called «Russia» today, is a continuation of USSR, not of the Empire.

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У меня есть канал в Телеграме на русском языке: https://t.me/mixail_kain. Так вышло, что именно заметки, появляющиеся на нем, стали основным содержанием этого сайта, изначально создававшегося с иными целями. Любые другие ресурсы, использующие мой псевдоним в названии или адресе, не имеют ко мне никакого отношения.